Outdoor Lights

Outdoor Lights
A thoughtful outdoor lighting scheme enhances landscaping, showcases architectural features, and provides added safety. Outdoor lights, including landscape lighting and patio lights, come in so many styles you’re sure to find something to love.

Outdoor Suspension Lights

Bring the indoors out with our selection of outdoor pendants and chandeliers. These lights can make any outdoor space warm and inviting.

Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Outdoor ceilings lights can be mounted on decks, patios, porches or balconies to provide general lighting. Selection available from popular brands such as Kichler, Progress and Hinkley Lighting.

Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights available in various styles from contemporary to traditional. These can be mounted on decks, patios, porches, and balconies.

Outdoor Post Top Lighting

These lights can be mounted onto poles, posts or columns to provide general lighting as well as provide a decorative element to your landscape.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Includes flood and spot accent lights, in-ground well lights, step lights, and path lights. Together, these help to illuminate and highlight gardens, patios and walkways to create a safe environment outdoors.

Rope & String Outdoor Lights

The LED string lights can be used to decorate trees, hedges, wreaths, garlands and other foliage whereas light string socket kits can be used for decorative lighting, patio lighting, tents, events, pavilions and other overhead perimeter lighting applications.

Area Lights

Area lights available in various light distributions to suit any application. Most commonly used in commercial settings such as parking lots, roadways, pathways and general area lighting.

Flood Lights

Commercial flood light fixtures can be used for general and security lighting for large areas, building facades, signs and landscape. Various mounting options available such as trunnion, tenon and slipfitter to fit any application.

Canopy Lights

Canopy lights area ceiling mounted and can be used for commercial applications such as gas stations, loading docks, underpasses and parking garages.


Available in various styles (such as fully shielded and cutoff) and sizes (from slim to large), wallpacks are a popular lighting choice for perimeter lighting around buildings.

Security Lights

Outdoor lights with option of motion sensors or photocell controls help add a layer of security to your home or business.