Restaurant Lighting

Restaurant Lighting
Restaurant lighting can help create the perfect ambience and atmosphere, and it requires thoughtful selection. LBC Lighting carries restaurant lighting to set any mood artistically and beautifully. Our restaurant lighting not only includes the dining areas but also bar areas, menu boards and outdoor/patio areas. Let lighting help unify your spaces.

Dining Areas

The lighting in the dining area of your restaurant will help set the mood for your restaurant. Use dimmable pendant lights and spot heads if you want your guests to sit back and enjoy their dinner. Provide bright overhead lights if you are a fast food establishment.

Menu Boards

For fast food restaurants or sit-in restaurants highlighting the day's special, it is important to have ample lighting for menu boards and sign boards. Popular options include track lighting, monorail lighting or adjustable recessed lights.

Bar Area

For bar areas, you need enough lighting for the bartenders to mix drinks but also ambient lighting so guests can enjoy themselves. Usually located in a visible area, the lighting options are limitless from cable lighting to monorail lighting to pendants. LED tape light can also be used to accentuate the liquor shelves.

Outdoor and Patio

Outdoor and patio dining are popular options when your restaurant offers a great view or if your guests just want to escape the summer heat. Popular lighting options include string lights, outdoor pendants and chandeliers, outdoor floor lamps and landscape lighting fixtures.