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STRUT lighting is an innovative new LED system that gives you the best of both worlds. Technology and aesthetics combine to create gorgeous illumination that can adjust to different purposes and preferences. STRUT's modular approach is designed with flexibility in mind and works well in every business, from restaurants and retail spaces to offices and healthcare environments.

Recessed Trim

Recessed Grid

Recessed Trimless



Wall & Soffit



Component Overview


Lighting Options

With STRUT, the basic tracks can be recessed with trim, recessed trimless, suspended or surface-mounted, and they can work with the following components:

Direct lighting: Direct lights offer defined coverage over the area at which the fixture is pointed toward.

Indirect lighting. Indirect lights will illuminate an area with a softer spread that reaches further away from the fixture.

Wall wash. Our Stealth Wall Wash element provides even coverage across a wall, perfect for lighting up a display, such as a mural, logos or artwork.

Downlights. An array of downlight styles offers freedom of design and functionality. We have Stealth Downlights for low-glare designs, as well as Multi Stealth Downlights in a micro size.

Pendants. Pendants offer as much decor as they do functionality. We carry sleek Silo pendants, playful Niveous orbs, classy Elementum glass cylinders, 360º Flare pendants and the bar-shaped Volo for a high-end look.

Spotlights. For direct, attention-grabbing light sources, spotlights get the job done. Our Silo spotlights provide exceptional output and an adjustable beam in a slick component. These elements include the smallerStealth Silo and the smart, remotely adjustable Follow Me/Adjustable Silo.


One of the biggest advantages of STRUT is its ease of use. You won't need to grab ladders or get yourself into awkward positions just to angle a spotlight. Instead, STRUT connects to smart sensors and the WAC app to provide control over aspects like positioning, brightness, beam angle and direction. Lights can also be controlled individually or grouped into arrangements for circuit-simulation controls. As for automatic adjustments, vacancy and photosensors can link up the lights to respond to changing conditions. Want to turn the lights on as employees walk in the office in the morning? No problem. Is a rainy day putting a damper on all your natural light? Let the sensors go to work. Users can also set up detailed schedules. Lastly, most adjustments can be performed remotely. If a big snowstorm hits the city and the boss tells everyone to work from home, someone can hit a button and turn off the lights to save energy.

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