3 Modern Commercial Office Lighting Design Ideas

Modern work spaces do more than add aesthetic to corporate offices. Most updated offices today opt for an open floor plan, allowing creative design to go in any direction, style and theme. Casual shared working spaces with sofas and lounging areas have become a staple in company culture. Open floor plans allow for increased collaboration within departments, and also boost cross-departmental communication. The open space also promotes a sense of transparency throughout the company. These qualities help increase productivity, creativity, as well as employee morale.

When renovating office design, lighting and lighting fixtures are a big factor in creating the proper aesthetic and illumination for productivity.  Did you know good lighting in the workplace can increase productivity by 3-25%? Lighting influences emotions, and with the right combination of lighting design and interior design in the office, employee productivity and work enjoyment can be boosted.

Take a look 3 modern office design ideas to implement to your work space:

Recessed Architectural Lighting Shop »

Linear or round, recessed architectural lighting will elongate space, making a small room feel large, open and airy. When used for aesthetics, recessed lighting can create eye-catching and unique designs. For more modern looks, try using recessed lighting designs on walls and ceilings.

f958377d5c416bd525d9a6e08878b430 776bfa2ee24caa6887f114cc3c76c1de Teva Pharmaceuticals Office by CPM Architecten - Berlin, Germany
Oversize Suspensions Shop »

Oversize lighting fixtures add a certain comfort to a space. In open offices, where ceilings are high with plenty of overhead space, large pendants and suspensions are the perfect solution for filling in the open area and warming up the atmosphere. Choosing the right oversize fixture will have your employees working productively in a perfectly lit and cozy environment.

Orange Business Services Office by TT Architects - Moscow, Russia Ubers Office by Bean Buro - Hong Kong The Work Project Coworking Office by Bean Buro - Hong Kong
Pop-of-Color Pendants Shop »

Pop-of-color pendants are great statement pieces for areas of collaborative work, and will add energy and excitement to the the atmosphere, creating optimal environment for groups to share creative ideas and solutions for projects. For a modern office, try combining large oversize colored pendants for a fun, high-energy feel, or a pop-of-color with smaller pendants to add an accent and liveliness to the room.

Orange Business Services Office by TT Architects - Moscow, Russia PwC Switzerland Basel Office by Evolution Design Basel - Switzerland ALM Equity Offices by pS Arkitektur - Stockholm, Sweden Lionbridge Technologies Offices by Stantec Architecture - Waltham, Massachusetts


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