Advantages of Lighted Mirrors

Lighted mirrors are not only great for day to day grooming and other bathroom task related activities; they are also a great accent piece to any home or space.

Here are some reasons you should consider a owning a light integrated mirror in your home:

  1. Lighted mirrors act as a vanity light for the user. Because the light is concentrated around the mirror, it illuminates the user’s reflection allowing optimal grooming. Shadows are eliminated allowing the user a detailed idea of their finished appearance in any lighting. Some lighted mirrors even have settings that emulate lighting in different settings—example: day, evening, everyday home or work.
  2. Lighted mirrors also provide task lighting for day to day grooming without disturbing other occupants in the room. Placing light integrated mirrors in the bedroom won’t wake your sleeping partner in the mornings like the bedroom ceiling light would. The concentrated light will be focused on the mirror, causing minimal disturbance while still allowing full grooming and morning preparations to be performed.
  3. A third advantage to lighted mirrors is their ability to accent a room beautifully, creating a contemporary and modern atmosphere. Check out the images below—the lighted mirrors make the bathrooms eye-catchingly beautiful.

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