Architectural Lighting | Cove · Soffit · Valance

Architectural lighting is highly functional lighting that seamlessly blends into the space, complementing and defining the structure and design of the area. Fixtures used for this type of lighting are typically sleek and refined, and are hidden from view. From linear suspension lighting, to linear light bars, to LED tape light and even miniature linear track lighting, these types of fixtures are often valued for their low profile and ability to be hidden from plain sight, while still providing a warm, even illumination.

Take a look below at some ways to utilize architectural lighting effectively and beautifully.

Cove lighting is a low profile ceiling light application that shines direct light upward from horizontal recessed areas, ledges, and upper walls. This type of lighting is often used to provide an ambient atmosphere and to make emphasis on the outer edges or ceiling of a room.

Soffit lighting, also known as cornices, is lighting that is integrated into the architecture of the space and direct light downward creating a dramatic effect. This type of application is usually found in kitchens for under cabinet lighting. Soffit lighting can also be used to enhance textured surfaces, such as wood, brick and stucco walls.

Valance lighting provides upward and downward illumination and typically runs continuously along a wall. This application is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Depending on how this lighting is used, mounting height can be adjusted for specific tasks, such as reading in bed. They can be used to wall wash, or even highlight draperies and windows.

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