Bollards – Outdoor Lighting

Bollards are outdoor lighting fixtures that provide good safety and security for vehicles and pedestrians. They are most often used in outdoor spaces and commercial areas, offering protection and style to the spaces they are installed.  Providing 360-degree light spread, these fixtures are effective visual barriers that are most often used to mark the start and end of a pathway. They also serve as a focal point to draw pedestrians in the right direction and away from vehicle traffic.

Quality designed bollards add curb appeal to any space. They are also functional and designed for long-term use with minimal maintenance. Well-designed fixtures enhance the aesthetics of any building or landscape while also providing a nice downward illumination or glow without eye blinding glare.

This type of outdoor lighting is the ideal solution for pathways, walkways, and driveways. It is also amazing in gardens, plazas, and areas with pedestrian occupancy.

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