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Bover – Barcelona Lights

Bover – Barcelona Lights

Bover – Barcelona Lights, founded in 1996 in Spain, is a distributor of contemporary lighting styles and designs. Located in Barcelona along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Bover designs are inspired by Spanish culture. The company’s origin surroundings has procured creativity, innovation, and distinct designs. Lamps from Bover range from clean and sleek, to intricately wicker woven pieces. Timeless, Bover designs have extended it’s reach worldwide. In 2012, the company opened a subsidiary in Atlanta, allowing direct distribution into the United States market.

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Noteworthy Lighting from Bover

Garota Outdoor Collection – Features a diverse collection of outdoor lamps that create unique environments & contain common concept. Inspired by the shape of a sea urchin (very commonly found along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea), the lamp shade is made of hand woven polyethylene synthetic fiber. Made for outdoor use, the LED module is protected by a frosted polyethylene globe of medium density and UV protection; the electrical cord is protected with waterproof neo-prene coating; and the aluminum structure is made to withstand the exposure of the elements. Organic and unique in design,  Garota Outdoor lamps will bring warmth and comfort to your outdoor living area.

Dome 90 – Large indoor pendant features 205 intricately puzzled wooden pieces in beech veneer finish. What makes this over-sized pendant special? The LED light source is located at the top of the fixture, above the wooden structure. When illuminated, the light shines through the wooden shade diffusing through the open crevices casting beautiful patterned shadows on surfaces below.

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