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Brand Feature: DMF Lighting

Brand Feature: DMF Lighting

Starting out as a family business in a Southern California garage, DMF lighting has expanded into a major national recessed lighting manufacturer in the course of just 30 years. Definitely not a small feat, perhaps their success is due to their noteworthy “engineering-driven” approach towards creating residential and commercial downlighting.

As part of DMF’s engineering approach, all of their products go through rigorous, multi-tiered testing processes in their California headquarters. Along with their thorough performance tests, DMF utilizes the best available technology ensure their product exceeds the energy standards of today and tomorrow. Their aim is to provide the best intuitively simple, forward-thinking lighting fixtures that are both accessible and aesthetically versatile.

Each DMF product speaks for itself to convey the futuristic, cutting-edge ideals and standards of DMF. Check below for just a few products available for purchase at LBC.

DRD2M Series:

Incredibly versatile, powerful, easy to install, and affordable – The DRD2 downlights bring amazing value unmatched in the lighting industry. You can rely on this series for exceptional and consistent light with as its (up to) 1000 lumens LED is 93+ CRI and 75 R9 value rated. In addition, the Twist and Lock feature along with their compact design allows for tool-free installation for a wide variety of applications. To top it off, this product exceeds CA Title 24 JA8 and ENERGY STAR requirements; this product has low energy consumption while still holding a 50,000 hour lifetime.

Needless to say, the DRD2 series is perfectly balanced in suiting your needs and the needs of the present.


DRD2M-7 11.8W LED Retrofit Module, 750 Lumens


DRD2M-10 14.7W LED Retrofit Module, 1000 Lumens


DRDH Series:

The DRDH Series is a classic among DMF fixtures. UL listed and ASTM E283 approved, these housings are safe to install in direct contact with insulation and are air tight to reduced heating and cooling costs. Additionally, these fixtures are allow reliable installation before or after installing the ceiling.

Their pre-installed adjustable bar hangers accommodate lumbers, laminated beams and T-bars in new construction applications before a ceiling is installed. As for an already installed ceiling, the DRDH housings also features tempered steel spring clips to secure to the ceiling.

Combine any DRDH housing with any DMF module such as the DRD2 LED Modules and any DMF trims such as the OneFrame Trims for all-around efficient lighting for your project.


DRDHRIC4 4″ IC Remodel Housing for LED Module


DRDHRIC6S 6″ Shallow IC Remodel Housing for LED Module


DRDHRIC5 5″ IC Remodel Housing for LED Module


DRDHNIC4 4″ IC New Construction Housing for LED Module


DMF DRDHNIC6S 6″ Shallow IC New Construction Housing for LED Module


DRDHNIC5 5″ IC New Construction Housing for LED Module


DRD2T OneFrame Trims:

For the DRD2T OneFrame Trims, it is all about having options. These die-cast aluminum trims come in all types of apertures, shapes, styles, and finishes to fit your project. Styles include baffle or smooth, square or round, wall wash, or deep trims. On top of having options, the OneFrame Trims also include the twist and lock feature for easy installation and pairing with advanced DMF LED Modules.


DRD2TS4S 4″ Square Smooth Trim


DRD2TR4B 4″ Round Baffle Trim


DRD2TR5S 5″ Round Smooth Trim


DRD2TR6W 6″ Round Wall Wash Trim

more DRD2T Trims >

Want to browse more DMF products? Click here!

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