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Elite LED Retrofits at LBC Lighting

Elite LED Retrofits at LBC Lighting

As a leader in the widest selections of lighting products and patented designs, Elite Lighting offers numerous sustainable and efficient light fixtures for commercial applications. Even within the category of LED Retrofits, there are many innovative and eco-friendly designs to choose from. For example, some retrofits include a “smart dim” or “smart hue” feature that allows smooth transition between different light outputs. Other retrofit lights portray a slim design that may assist with easy installation in settings with limited spaces. These are just a few features that are found among Elite’s variety of Retrofit LEDs. With additional options in color temperatures, trims, apertures, and finishes, you may find lighting compatible for your next commercial lighting project with Elite.

In addition to variety, Elite emphasizes environmentally friendly and long lasting solutions with their LED Retrofits. They make this apparent by accomplishing Energy Star, RoHS, IECC and Title 24 compliant light fixtures along with UL/cUL listed for their durability. Below, we will highlight just a few LED Retrofits available for purchase here at LBC Lighting.


Smart Hue LED Retrofits

With the rise of smart technology and Bluetooth controls, Elite now introduces LED Retrofits that can control color temperature via the Elite Lighting Smart Hue App. Each user has the option to smoothly adjust the color temperature across a range of 5000K-2700K (SHC-RGB-W-50K-27K). In addition, you can dim the light output from 100-10% and add color points of gradients of saturated colors from 1-100% within the tuning range. With all these aspects combined, the perfect mood lighting is easily within reach on a smartphone. For instance, with Smart Hue, one may choose to mimic natural light patterns throughout the day in an indoor space. Regardless of how you choose to operate Elite’s Smart Hue LED Retrofits, the countless possibilities are in your hands.


RL639 6″ Smart Hue Baffle Recessed Retrofit – 800 Lumens


RL439 4″ Smart Hue Baffle Recessed Retrofit – 600 Lumens


Smart Dim LED Retrofits

Quite remarkable as a feature, the Smart Dim LED Retrofit imitates traditional incandescent lighting even while dimming. It allows for a smooth dimming transition between 3000K to 1800K outputs, shifting into rich amber tones that encourage relaxation. With the capability of Smart Dim, these retrofits would be an ideal choice for hospitality and residential applications. While resembling traditional lighting, let’s not forget that these LED Retrofits follow stringent energy codes while maintaining a CRI of 90+ and 95 lumens per watt.  On that note, you can add warmth to your desired environment while helping the global environment with Smart Dim.


RL429 4″ LED Smart Dim Lensed Reflector Recessed Retrofit – 750 Lumens


RL435 4″ LED Smart Dim Lensed Baffle Recessed Retrofit – 750 Lumens


Slim LED Surface Mounts

With just a 1” inch thickness, Elite’s Slim LED Surface Mounts still deliver powerful light output. The compact and efficient design accommodates installation even in restricted spaces where installation may be challenging. At a 90 CRI, up to 1700 lumens output, and 50,000 hour lifetime, these surface mounts definitely do not sacrifice powerful lighting for slim size. Versatility and efficiency are joined hand in hand with the Slim LED Surface Mounts.


RL791 7″ Round Slim Surface Mount – 900 Lumens


RL995 9″ Square Slim Surface Mount – 1200 Lumens


RL655 6″ Round Regressed Slim LED Retrofit – 700 lumens


RL479 4″ Round Baffle Slim LED Retrofit – 700 lumens

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