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Chandelier Basics

Chandelier Basics

Chandeliers are grand focal points to any given space. However, these extravagant pieces should not overpower the space, but rather complement the design of the interior. The following are some basics to consider when choosing the right chandelier for your space.

The size of the chandelier is dependent on—

  • Ceiling height
    • The chandelier should hang approximately 7-feet from the ground.
  • Size and shape of what it’s suspended over
    • The chandelier should not overpower the table, island, etc., it is suspended over.
  • Size of room
    • The diameter of your chandelier should be determined by the length and width of the room. If you space is 13’ by 17’, the diameter of your chandelier should be 30”.
      • Length + Width = Diameter (inches) of chandelier
  • Form and design of chandelier
    • Fixtures that have a more light and airy design look larger in a space.

Other tips—

  • If the chandelier is being hung in a foyer, and a window is present, the fixture should be centered so it can be seen through the window.
  • If the chandelier is being hung over a dining room table, it should be approximately 30”-34” above the table.
  • If a chandelier is too small in a space, it becomes a very noticeable piece and no longer complements the room.

Ever wonder how these grand fixtures are made? Check out these great “How It’s Made” videos!

How It’s Made | Crystal Chandeliers

How It’s Made | Forged Chandeliers

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