Commercial Office Lighting

Did you know that commercial properties represent over 80 billion square feet of space in the United States? Within these commercial spaces, lighting consumes 30% of the property’s energy usage. For property management companies, ensuring that energy efficient lighting is installed in these buildings can reduce energy usage by monumental amounts. By being greener, environmentally, real estate and property managers will also become greener, financially—energy efficient efforts raise net operating income and also improve property value and attractiveness to potential clients. Utilizing energy efficient strategies, such as implementing lighting controls, can save a building as much as 80% in key lighting applications.

Improved lighting in commercial buildings also directly impact employee productivity. Lighting influences emotion—how an individual views their space and the gauges the progress of their day. Proper lighting in the work area –bright white lighting—will promote productivity. Efficient and effective office lighting minimizes glare on screens while keeping bright illumination. If lighting is reduced or compromised, productivity levels will decrease as well.  Good lighting in an office can increase productivity by 3-25%.

The following are suggested lighting options to help you save in energy cost and usage in a commercial building.

Office Area – LCAT by Columbia Lighting

Halls & Conference Room – LiteBox by Precolite

Restrooms – LJT by Columbia Lighting

Exterior Wall – LNC2 by Hubbell Outdoor Lighting

Take a look at all our lighting options below:


**Graphics referenced from Hubbell Lighting

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