Ensure safety in your hospitality or hotel projects with ADA compliant Wall Sconces

With their ability to add an upscale touch to a variety of interiors, wall sconces are a great type of light fixture to consider in your next hospitality or hotel projects. This type of light fixture does not have a floor base but is fixated to a wall. Its light is usually, but not always, directed upwards.

Like other aspects of any commercial construction project, there are regulations hospitality businesses and hotels need to follow when choosing which wall sconce to use. The Americans with Disabilities Act, also known as ADA, is one example of such regulations. It is a set of standards aimed to ensure people with a disability can access electronic and information technology in public places, businesses, and homes comfortably and safely.

How do ADA standards apply to wall sconces?

In Section 4.4 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, it “limits wall-mounted luminaires to four inches in depth when located between 27 inches and 84 inches from the finished floor level of walks, halls, corridors, passageways, or aisles”. However for wall luminaires placed under 80 inches above the floor, there are further requirements.

This candle inspired style wall fixture from Access Lighting is a great example of an ADA approved wall sconce.

The graphic above highlights the specs of this particular light fixture. It shows that this light fixture’s extension length is 4 inches, meaning the light would extend 4 inches away from the wall it is mounted on. This makes the light fixture well within the ADA standards, making it an ADA compliant wall sconce.

Why are these particular specifications the set ADA standards for wall scones?

The ADA standards for wall luminaires are aimed towards those who use wheelchairs and scooters. When wall sconces are not ADA compliant, these individuals are put at risk because they have a possibility to bump into them and can cause injuries. Those who use crutches and walkers are even more at risk.

The right side diagram shows a visual representation of the ADA wall sconces regulations. You can see from the diagram that the wall sconces should not extend more than 4 inches off from the wall. This prevents handicap persons from bumping into them.


Why does this matter for hospitality/hotels?

The possibility of injury also means the possibility of a law suit. This can put a financial strain on the business that manages that building and can even affect the business’s public relations. It is especially important for hospitality businesses and hotels to be compliant with regulations when making decisions for their next construction project.


Including ADA compliant wall sconces is a great way to ensure people with a disability can access the premises safely. Below are a couple of our best sellers. Click here to see more styles for ADA compliant wall sconces.

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