Tunable Lighting 101

In recent years, LED lighting has evolved to become even more dynamic and functional. More and more offices, schools, and retail spaces are installing Tunable White LED lighting – keep reading to learn what it is and why everyone is using them. 

What is Tunable White?

Tunable White lighting is a technology that creates a comfortable, natural lighting environment by allowing you to adjust the color and intensity of your LED light. With the help of Tunable White technology, indoor lighting can be customized to fulfill a variety of needs.


Here are the main features of Tunable White lighting:

  • Ability to tune color temperatures from warm white to cool white tone and easily dim or increase brightness. 
  • All these adjustments can be made on a phone or other Bluetooth device.


Installing Tunable White lighting has the following benefits:

  • Ensure a better night’s rest. With busy days at work or at school, we can be stuck in a building all day being exposed to the same artificial color temperature and intensity all day. Not being able to experience the light changes from morning to night has harmful effects on the human body – it disrupts the natural rhythm of lighting that our bodies our used to, which can lead to difficulty sleeping. Tunable White lighting can alleviate this disruption to best serve the human body’s internal clock.
  • Increase productivity and comfort during the day at work or school. Cool white lighting encourages sharpness – perfect for test-taking or critical thinking. Warmer white lighting induces relaxation and can reduce glare and eye strain.
  • Switch up your environment in retail spaces. Whether you’re a high end, modern store or a mom-and-pop shop, there’s a lighting setting that can help achieve the right vibe. Softening intense lighting can make a storefront more inviting, and using cool lighting can in turn make a storefront more cool as well.


See Tunable White lighting in action:

Mainstream Dynamics

Dextra Group

Shop Tunable White lighting:

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