Exhibit Lighting

Exhibit design is more than just elaborate displays, and showcasing fascinating content; it is also attracting the attention of attendees passing by and drawing them toward the attraction for further in-depth viewing. Although lighting is a subtle detail, it is extremely effective when used in a thoughtful manner to attract viewers and showcase content.

Below are some great ways to effectively draw the attention of exposition attendees to your exhibit.

The magenta LED lit columns at the Enterasys exhibit generates a different ambience to the exhibit, differentiating it from other trade booths. — (Enterasys at Interop Expo – exhibit design by Elevation Exhibits & Events)

The color changing LED panels boldly encases and draws attention to the exhibit. Coupled with a large LED Ticker, the exhibit is a call for action to exposition attendees. — (GSMA at Mobile World Congress Barcelona – exhibit design by Elevation Exhibits & Events)

After grabbing the attention of the attendee and having them visit your exhibit, it is essential to have properly lit displays to effectively communicate all your exhibit has to offer. Shine light on content you especially want viewers to pay attention to.

Utilizing track lights can help convey that message to viewers.

LeMay – America’s Car Museum® relies on the high color accuracy of the Juno Cylindra LED trac fixtures to give a true representation of the automobile’s paint work, bringing out the detail in finishes that are difficult to highlight, such as metallics, pearlescents, and metal flakes. — (Juno Lighting, Trac-Master T254L Cylindra)

Display lights are also great to showcase content. They can be portable and permanent—clamped or wall mounted.

Clamped — (WAC, DL-150 Clamp Mount Display Light)

Clamped, wall mount monorail — (Tech, Wally Lite Head)

Wall Mounted — (LBL, Galleria Shield Wall)

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Clamped — (WAC, DL-150 Clamp Mount Display Light)

Under cabinet lighting is also a great way to feature specific content within a display.

Surface mount under cabinet light — (WAC Lighting, HR-LED87 LEDme Round Button)

Goorin Brothers in Las Vegas features DanaLite Ultra Slim LED and Juno Solo Task LED Display and under cabinet lighting. — (Juno Lighting, DanaLite DL106 Ultra Slim)

To learn more about different types of under cabinet lighting, read our previous blog post here.

Display and exhibition lighting may often be overlooked by customers or expo attendees; however, exhibitors must remember to take this subtlety into factor.  It is essential to have proper lighting to communicate effectively to potential customers and to also attract their attention to pay a visit to your exhibit.

Don’t let your displays go unnoticed! Shine a light on them!