GATICA – Highly Adjustable, Seamlessly Beautiful

GATICA – General And Task Illumination, Controls, Adjustability

GATICA by Tech Lighting is a flexible modular LED lighting system that combines directional general illumination, wall wash and spot lighting, integrated controls and emergency backup, all into one beautiful highly adjustable lighting system that integrates seamlessly into its environment. This versatile lighting system is well suited for commercial spaces, such as retail stores, grocery stores, corporate offices, health care institutions, education institutions, hospitality, etc.

GATICA is extremely customizable. Panels come in 6-inch width, 12-inch single width and 12-inch dual width. The panels also have the option of being static or tilted. These panels can be suspended, recessed, or lay-in. Spot lighting for GATICA also comes in an assortment of choices. Grids for spots include: 1×1, 1×2, 1×3, 2×1, 2×2, and 2×3.

Not only is the GATICA system versatile and aesthetically pleasing in any space, it is also engineered to be energy efficient. Geared with a daylight and occupancy sensor, GATICA will dim, and turn on and off, depending on time of day or whether guests are currently in proximity.

For safety in commercial spaces, GATICA allows for emergency backup lighting integration. These unobtrusive, in-line modules can be placed anywhere along the panels. The backup module emits a wide angle LED light for 90 minutes when main power is lost.

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