High Ceiling Lighting Solutions

High ceilings present a unique kind of lighting challenge. Though eliminating the space limitations of low ceilings, minimizing shadows in a larger space is a difficult task. As with any new lighting project, breaking down the overall goal to create an action plan is a good first step.

Applying the rule of thirds to a high-ceilinged space can make creating a lighting plan more manageable. The rule of thirds, used in art, photography and design, separates a room into 3 parts: top, middle, bottom. Using this structure, you can focus on effectively lighting each third of a room, simplifying your lighting project. The options that follow break down the process of lighting high-ceilinged spaces, beginning with the top third of a room.

Track Lighting

Due to its adaptability and potential for customization, track lighting is an excellent choice in spaces with high ceilings. Adjustable track heads shed light in whatever direction is desired, easily eliminating shadows. Track heads can also be adjusted to emphasize shadows as an intriguing style touch. Adding a wall wash or graze to take advantage of a high ceiling can add some eye-catching detail to a lighting plan.

The many track lighting options available can be overwhelming, so the two options that follow can simplify the search. The NT-300 series by Nora Lighting, with the many accessories available, covers a wide range of lighting situations. For high ceilings where space is less of an issue, the NT-305 pendant assembly kit can be a good choice. Along the NT-368 pendant light adapter, it is possible to create the perfect combination of pendants using track lighting.

If you’d like to fill more of the space a high ceiling provides, the Juno T597 cable suspension kit makes that possible, while still taking advantage of the simplicity of track lighting. Meant for rigid ceilings, the T597 uses galvanized steel cable to securely fix a track lighting system. The 48 inch cable makes it possible to position track lighting closer to the middle portion of a room if desired. With a similarly expansive collection of accessories, the T597 cable suspension kit can be customized to suit both the style and lighting needs of a space.


Statement Lighting

Although track lighting is an effective lighting choice for high ceilings, the amount of space a high ceiling provides makes statement lighting through pendants and chandeliers a fitting choice. As chandeliers in particular can require substantial space, they are a good match for high ceilings. The below options from Tech Lighting present some of the chandelier choices available. Tech’s Gambit 19-Lt chandelier is a definite statement piece, serving as a minimalist, deconstructed version of a traditional chandelier. Similarly striking, the Mara Grande LED chandelier revamps the classic lines of a traditional chandelier, creating a modern take on it. The sleek sophistication of the Fiama LED chandelier would add a touch of elegance to any space, effectively using the space afforded by a high ceiling. Though a review of some chandelier basics may be needed before opting for a chandelier, as with track lighting, it can be an easy way to add both style and illumination to a space.

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