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Outdoor Floor Lamps

Outdoor Floor Lamps

Choosing an outdoor lighting plan can be a challenging task. The variety of lighting options, ranging from string lights, step lights, path lights, etc, can be difficult to choose from when considering outdoor lighting. When starting such a project, breaking down the lighting needs of a space is the first step. Once key points of access (doorways, walkways) are effectively illuminated, it is possible to consider additional sources of light. Though there are various ways to tackle outdoor lighting, narrowing your focus to a single kind of fixture can simplify your lighting project. Outdoor floor lamps, in their utility and potential for adding style, can be a good entry into outdoor lighting design. The options below highlight the range of style options available, which can guide you towards figuring out the outdoor aesthetic that best fits your space.

Marset TXL Outdoor Floor Lamp

Following the traditional structure of floor lamps, the Marset TXL Outdoor Floor Lamp adds some understated style to an outdoor space. Available in both small and large options, it provides very warm light, similar to an indoor light. Though minimalist in design, the use of materials makes it a subtly sophisticated fixture. With a slate base and delicate fiberglass shade, the Marset TXL Outdoor Floor Lamp provides a pop of texture to any outdoor space.

Marset Cala Outdoor Floor Lamp

The stark lines of Marset’s Cala Outdoor Floor Lamp results in a neatly designed fixture, which can fit any setting. Mimicking the simple design of café tables, it follows the minimalist style of the TXL Outdoor Floor Lamp. With its use of materials, the Cala Outdoor Floor Lamp provides rich, warm light, making it a particularly good choice for an outdoor setting. In its contemporary simplicity, Marset’s Cala Outdoor Floor Lamp can add a sleek touch to any outdoor patio.

Vibia Halley Outdoor LED Floor Lamp

The Halley Outdoor LED Floor Lamp from Vibia takes from the simplicity of the above fixtures, while adding futuristic sleekness. Made up of a single, arching line, the Halley Outdoor Floor Lamp exemplifies contemporary minimalist style. Its sleek profile is in part due to the lamp’s use of LED technology, which provides excellent illumination. In its stark simplicity, the Halley Outdoor Floor Lamp can effortlessly fit into any outdoor setting.

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