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Founded by Phil R. Hinkley in 1922, Hinkley Lighting has become renowned for their high-quality lighting fixtures. Their successful journey from small family lighting company to a brand recognized world-wide has been due, in part, to their core values. Centered on quality, variety, design, craftsmanship and superior materials, Hinkley Lighting has crafted a wide variety of timeless fixtures reflecting these principles. Their dedication to embracing new technology and times has also influenced their designs. Hinkley Lighting’s “eco-options” pair innovative design with energy-efficiency and environmental consciousness. The last 90 years have seen Hinkley expand from their original style and develop new facets of it, resulting in a range of options suited for many spaces.

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Noteworthy Products from Hinkley

Congress collection –

Hinkley Lighting’s Congress collection showcases the adaptability of their fixtures. The collection boasts a variety of fixture options, such as sconces, pendants and chandeliers. This variety is further adaptable through the different shapes, colors and materials available for each fixture. Though a predominantly traditional design, the use of clean lines and minimal details keeps the design from appearing outdated. Instead, the fixtures can add a chic, vintage accent to any space. The photos below depict potential uses for this collection, whose simple, classic lines make it a perfect fit in a multitude of spaces.

Atlantis collection –

The Atlantis collection by Hinkley Lighting underscores their commitment to innovative design and technology. The fixtures in this collection are some of the “eco-options” made by Hinkley. Their “eco-options” are equipped with LED technology and meet California’s Title 24 energy regulations, making them energy-efficient. These fixtures also include ‘Dark Sky’ technology, which limits light glare upward into the night sky. Echoing these modern features, the Atlantis collection has a thoroughly contemporary design. Similar to the simplicity of the Congress collection, the Atlantis fixtures have stark lines that create a sleek feel. Their modern and minimalist design provides a pop of sophisticated detail for an outdoor space.

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