LED Lamps

While lighting fixtures such as pendants are often used to provide task lighting, lamps can be a good option for dedicated task lighting. Using lamps for task lighting makes it possible to reduce the brightness of overhead lighting to save energy and create a more soothing environment. Among the range of lamp choices, LED lamps stand out as a worthwhile investment.

The benefits of LED technology particularly shine through the medium of a lamp. In contrast to halogen lamps, LED lamps run cool to the touch and are more energy efficient. These benefits can also be enjoyed for a longer period of time, as LED lamps can last up to 50,000 hours. Their use of diodes allows LED lamps to efficiently illuminate a broad span of space using a minimized fixture. Many designers take advantage of the compactness of LED technology to add intuitive features to LED lamps. The Lady7 LED Desk Lamp by Koncept showcases the inventive possibilities of LED technology. Complete with a USB charging port, dimming via touchstrip, and a 5-hour auto-shutoff timer, it is fully equipped to meet a variety of needs. With an array of LED lamps available, it is guaranteed that your unique lighting needs may be met through an exceptional LED lamp.

For larger workstations

For large or shared workspaces, LED lamps can effectively meet various lighting needs. The below options are sleek and pared down in design, providing a broad wash of light to maintain optimal illumination. The modern style of these options extends to their capabilities, as most also provide USB charging ports, making them highly functional. They also remain adaptable through adjustable arms and dimming functions to skillfully fulfill changing needs.

mf-suspension koncept-sobre pablo-lim360 flos-goldman

For smaller workstations

LED lamps can provide optimal lighting conditions while emitting less heat to maintain a comfortable working environment. For single person workspaces, task lighting needs to cover a smaller area, yet remain adjustable to transition between tasks. Through added height, the below options cover a sizable range. Their dimming capabilities make it easy to shift to different tasks. Style becomes the defining factor among the LED lamp options for these spaces. These options from Quoizel follow a more traditional style, while retaining the excellent functionality of LED technology.

quoizel-marcs quoizel-benedict quoizel-sway

In modern-styled spaces, the following options would be fitting accent pieces suited to varied tasks. With minimalist, sleek designs and dimming capabilities in many cases, they would harmonize well within a contemporary space. The E41039 Eco-Task LED Table Lamp by ET2 on the far right perfectly combines functionality and dynamic design to create a bold statement lamp.

wac-flip mf-dove cerno-silva et2-eco-task

Compact options

In compact spaces requiring task lighting, LED lamps especially shine by efficiently making the most of a small space. For a bedroom nightstand doubling as a small workspace, the options on the left are powerhouses of functionality. While serving as a phone charging station, dimming capabilities allow these lamps to ease the transition from focused work requiring bright illumination to tasks requiring less light. Pared down designs coupled with dimming capabilities make the options on the right similarly suited for a smaller space. The TL-1110 Flat 12W LED Table Lamp from Modern Forms on the far right showcases this, as it can be folded into a more compact form when needed.

flos-de-light-1 kovacs-portables mf-flat

Clamp and wall mounted LED lamps are ideal option for spaces needing task lighting with little room to spare. The Superlight by Pablo Designs on the left can be installed as a clamp or wall mounted lamp. Its dimming capabilities and adjustability make it readily adaptable to any space. Artemide’s Tolomeo Mini Table Lamp in the middle provides efficient task lighting while occupying minimal space as a clamp mounted lamp. The Kelvin LED Green Mode lamp on the right is a highly adjustable option requiring minimal space. With dimming capabilities, it can effortlessly shift from late-night work to nighttime reading before calling it a night.

pablo-superlight artemide-tolomeo flos-kelvin-wall
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