Holiday Lighting Tips – Outdoor & Exterior

The holidays are right around the corner! If you’re one to get into the holiday spirit, decking your house with beautiful lights and décor is not an option. Here are some tips to creating that everlasting and magical curb appeal to your home.

Utilize path lights to work your way up to major accent and/or focal points of your home. To help ease the process of planting stakes into the ground, use a screwdriver to create the initial insertion point.

Focal points of your home can be the doorway, windows, or any feature/décor you would like to highlight on your home. Using string lights, wreaths, candles, and other decorations to draw attention to these focus points. Accenting different architecture can also help create beautiful focal points to your home. For example, hang icicle lights from the ledge of a bay window.

Wrap hedges and bushes to softly illuminate the surroundings of your home. Using string lights to do so may be a tedious installation process. Consider investing in net lights to save on installation time. Net lights also provide consistent lighting coverage.

Combine lights to create a balanced look—multi-color, single color, pure white.

Save yourself the trouble of having to replace lights after installation by testing your lights before using them. Just because you just newly purchased your lights does not mean they will necessarily be fully functioning.

Always use waterproof lights for outdoor lighting!

Using light clips will help with hanging lights on your gutters, roof, etc. Not only will you not have to hassle with tape, or staple gun, there are now also clips that are “no ladder” hanging systems.


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