How to Choose a Ceiling Fan


That summer heat is fast approaching and you’re on the hunt for the perfect ceiling fan but, with so many options available you wonder where to begin. When selecting a fan there are a few things to consider.

Ceiling Height

Generally a ceiling fan should be installed higher than 7 feet above the floor in the middle of a room providing maximum comfort, circulation, safety and aesthetics. Optimal placement would be 8 or 9 feet from the floor.

Flush mount ceiling fans (or ceiling hugger fans) are a perfect solution for ventilating small rooms and spaces with lower ceiling height. This type of fan is installed flush against the ceiling and does not require a downrod.

For spaces with average ceiling heights the provided manufacturer hanging rod is sufficient or extension rods are available for further customization.

Fan Size

When considering the fan size you need to think about the size of your room. The American Lighting Association suggests the following guidelines:

Room Size                                              Fan Size

Up to 75 sq. ft.                                   36 inches or smaller
75 to 144 sq. ft.                                   36 to 42 inches
144 to 225 sq. ft.                                 44 to 50 inches
225 to 400 sq. ft.                                50 to 54 inches

Control Options

Think about what type of control option would suit your installation. Fans can be operated from a wall switch or a hand held remote. A remote is a convenient way to control the fan’s speed or any light options chosen.

Tip: If you have a lighting option on your fan you may want to install the fan on a separate circuit.  You can run the fan when the lights are turned off (important in the bedroom).

A ceiling fan is not only a natural choice for energy conservation but is a functional and important design element in any home. Install the fan in a place where you spend the most time (bedroom, kitchen area or family room) for a cooling breeze effect.

Ceiling fans not only circulate cool air in the summer, they also help with the movement of warm air in the winter.  So, simply reverse the mode on your fan in winter to re-circulate the warm air for year round comfort.

Tip: Choose a fan that is the same color as your ceiling for a “disappearing” design.

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