How To: Lighting Statues

Placing floodlights in different areas can help highlight specific forms and textures of statues. Different shadows are created, depending on where the floodlights are located. The first step in determining where to place floodlights to illuminate the statue is dependent on what characteristics of the statue should be developed and featured.

The following are three ways to feature different characteristics in statues.

Feature the most prominent characteristic of the statue—face, emblem, etc.—and illuminate it with a spotlight. More than one floodlight may be needed to illuminate the feature if it is to be viewed from all angles.

Create strong shadows on the statue to highlight the texture and three-dimensional details by placing floodlights at the base of the statue and aiming straight up.

If the statue is placed in front of a wall of surface, you can cast light behind the statue to create a profile or silhouette against the backdrop. This technique is effective in accenting the overall shape of the statue. By providing a sufficient background illuminance, a stronger accent will be created between the background and statue.