How To: Sign Lighting (Ground Mounted)

When lighting a sign with ground-mounted floodlights, there are three factors to consider

  1. Setback Distance
  2. Floodlight Spacing
  3. Aiming Point
Setback Distance

The setback distance of a floor-mounted floodlight should be ¾ the height of the sign.

Setback Distance = ¾ * Sign Height

Example: If a sign is 6 feet tall and 12 feet wide, the ground-mounted floodlight should be 4.5 feet from the foot of the sign. Setting the floodlight any farther or closer to the sign will result in inefficiency and disproportion of light.

Floodlight Spacing

Floodlights should not be spaced more than two times the setback distance.

Floodlight Spacing = 2 * Setback Distance

Example: If the setback distance is 4.5 feet, the flood lights should not be placed more than 9 feet apart.

Aiming Point

The floodlight should be aimed at least 2/3 up the sign.

Aiming Point = 2/3 * Sign Height

Example: If the sign is 6 feet tall, the floodlight should be aimed approximately 4 feet high.


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