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Interchangable Color Temperature LED Under Cabinet Light Bar

Interchangable Color Temperature LED Under Cabinet Light Bar

Interchangeable Color Temperature LED Light Bar

Choosing the right color temperature for under cabinet lighting can be difficult, especially when functionality and aesthetics are factors.  Traditional and contemporary kitchens, typically with wooden panels, have a warm and cozy atmosphere. The ‘homey’ feel is created by lighting fixtures emanating warm color temperatures in the 3000K and lower range. However, in a highly task performing area, such as the kitchen, warm color temperatures are not nearly as effective as cool color temperatures—5000K range. Cool temperatures are whiter and brighter; creating a safer environment in task performing spaces.

So, which color temperature should you choose?

Deco Lighting, an industry leader in innovative and environmentally friendly lighting fixtures, currently manufactures an under cabinet light that allows for interchangeable color temperatures—Agilis TemperSWITCH. This multi-color temperature feature allows users to obtain functionality without forfeiting aesthetics. Simply switch to a cooler temperature when utilizing counter space for cooking, and bring it back down to a warmer, relaxed setting, once cooking has been completed.

Deco Agilis TemperSWITCH LED Under Cabinet Light Bar

The Agilis TemperSWITCH under cabinet fixture is a low profile LED light bar that allows interchangeable color temperatures between 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. The light bar also features a frosted tempered glass lens that evenly diffuses light and prevents glare off glossy countertops. Magnetic closures are used to secure the lens cover, evading the traditional complication of bent and broken clips. Agilis TemperSWITCH LED is dimmable, lasts 50 times longer than a Halogen fixture, and comes in a variety of lengths.


Size Color Temp. Voltage



12” Multi-Color Temperature 120V White





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