Introducing A New EQ Light Pendant – The Chi Pendant

Equilibrium in Light.

Chi Pendant Light

The Chi pendant light designed by Eduardo Alcalde, is based on the original 1964 modular construction system by Antonio Carrillo. The lighting fixture was inspired by the European contemporary pendants.

The Chi pendant is a specialty shade designed with precision that casts ambient light, soft generalized illumination over a wide area. No muss, no fuss is what you get with EQ Light and for those of you contemporary, modern consumers it will be a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Business owners who want a conversation piece should consider this as an option or if you want to have an intricately designed lighting fixture grace your shop then look no further!


The Chi pendant is made from polypropylene plastic with steel elements and white cable. A canopy included allows you to install the fixture at a maximum of 5 feet. Durable steel ensure aesthetics for years to come. Available in four sizes the Chi pendant allows the customer to apply it to any space that fits their needs. A gorgeous simplistic design that offers a sense of calm to any environment.

About EQ Light

EQ Light was founded in 2004 when the first lamp was created by Eduardo Alcalde. But it was not until 2006 when EQ Light launched its first product. They have sold thousands of lamps internationally. EQ Light is dedicated with coming up with new styles, creating and innovating timeless and immaculately crafted pieces. EQ Light prides itself with a variety of designers and manufacturers creating contemporary lighting for home, business and architecture decoration.

EQ Light is a Mexican company that manufactures their products in their home country. Their mission is to create and innovate the greatest and unique lighting design with their presentation, to always overpass customer expectation.

Equilibrium in Light, a company motto represented in their designs.

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