Introducing: Cerno

LBC Lighting is pleased to introduce Cerno, an industrial design and manufacturing company innovating modern LED lighting fixtures in Southern California since 2009.

Cerno’s mission is to fuse quality, performance and resource efficiency with modern design. Cerno will appeal to the conscientious consumer by building products that last, selecting materials responsibly and using energy efficient LED technology.

At Cerno it is their intention to design with focus and purpose, yielding products that blend form and function into objects of purposeful and personal value.  Often overlooked objects we surround ourselves with in our daily lives represent an opportunity for expression and personal enjoyment. An end product is viewed as art resolved with science.

For more information on their products take a look at their Youtube page.

See below for a highlight of their most popular styles.

Salix Pendant

“The Salix pendant’s materials and proportions are in perfect harmony. The brushed aluminum set against the oiled walnut in this fixture still feels strikingly fresh and beautiful after years of production.” Nick Sheridan, Designer

Silva Desk/Table Lamp

“The Silva‘s structural connection between metal and wood was the inspiration here, where the fixture’s stance is only strengthened by gravity. The tri-leg base finds stability on uneven surfaces and allows the cord to exit discreetly and effectively. It feels signature and iconic while still keeping a clean and timeless modern aesthetic.” Nick Sheridan, Designer

Acuo Wall Sconce

“The Acuo is a 3 sided box, which has been carefully de-constructed to a sculptural state. The careful composition of overlap and void create interest and complexity to a very straightforward, well-functioning wall sconce. The tectonic disconnection in form allows you to witness the solid American black walnut’s grain as it travels through each solid black.” Nick Sheridan, Designer

Forma Floor Lamp

“The Forma is our most traditional fixture, Frank Carfaro and I worked to design a piece that embraced both our aesthetic, without too much deviation. I am really pleased withe the fluidity, posture, and scale we achieved with the Forma.” Nick Sheridan, Designer

To view our full selection of Cerno Lighting fixtures, please click here.

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