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Introducing: Compass Lighting

Introducing: Compass Lighting

About Compass Lighting

Compass products by Hubbell Lighting, Inc. include economical energy-saving fixtures suitable for use in any commercial or lighting industrial application. Compass products are designed to reduce cost without sacrificing quality. The Compass Series provides a value driven, contractor friendly product that can be purchased and installed without compromise.

Value is defined by many of equating to cost effective, quality products that perform reliably. For others, value means conserving capital, lowering transaction costs and minimizing returns. For everyone, quality is synonymous with having their expectations fully met or exceeded. The Compass Series satisfies all these criteria. The Compass line currently includes Life Safety Products: emergency lighting units, exit signs, remote lighting heads. Compass products are in stock, and usually ship within 24 hours of order entry.

All Compass products are backed by the sales and service support that has made Hubbell Lighting, Inc. a leading manufacturer and supplier of task and convenience lighting products for residential, commercial and light industrial applications.

See below for a highlight of their most popular styles.

Cord Double Head LED Outdoor Remote Emergency Light

The COR Series offers quality and value with a compact and attractive LED based remote emergency light. The white base-plate and lamp-heads are made of high impact UL flame rated thermoplastic. Lamp-heads are fully gasketed and weatherproof to ensure operation in wet environments. The lamp heads are fully adjustable and glare-free. The remote lamps are driven by the Compass remote capacity Exit, Combo or Emergency Light

LED Emergency Exit

The CE Series offers quality and value with a compact and attractive LED based emergency exit. The white or black housing is made of high impact UL flame rated thermoplastic. Snap together canopy, housing and removable chevrons for quick and easy installation. Universal single or double-face. Remote capacity option will run 4 CIR/COR Series single remote lamp-heads or 2 double CIR/COR remotes.

To view our full selection of Compass Lighting fixtures, please click here.

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