Introducing: Dongbu Lightec


Dongbu Lightec is a leading maker of advanced LED lighting products. They design, manufacture and market LED lighting products including retrofit lamps, commercial and industrial LED fixtures.

Founded in 1989, Dongbu Lightec has grown to be a global leader in the fields of LED lighting. Dongbu Lightec USA (DLU), US Division of Dongbu Lightec, was established in 2011 as part of the global initiatives of Dongbu Lightec. DLU’s product lines include flat panel lamps, high bay lamps and other industrial LED Fixtures.

As they have done in the past, the company promises to continuously challenge themselves on the belief of applying high ethics to the goal of becoming a leading LED lighting fixture supplier.

Based on the 4 core values of Dongbu Lightec (Prioritizing customer satisfaction / Maintaining ethical management / Improvement of product efficiency / Developing as the leading global lighting company), they will strive harder to become the company that respects and creates the future light that reflects their care about the global environment and the health of humanity.


DLU’s vision is centered on marketing the energy-efficient LED lighting products to the US market and enhancing customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, they push the limits of research and development and deliver the most innovative LED lighting at competitive prices.


DLU’s mission is to apply its innovative technologies and skills to the market needs and be the leading producers and providers of LED Lighting products. To achieve this mission, our goal is to respond to the needs of local lighting customers and apply our portfolio of being the market leader in R&D, Patents, UL safety, engineering, direct manufacturing and distribution which enables us to meet its goal of being the most creative in product development and in turn truly meet the needs of the market.

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