Introducing: Elco Lighting

About Elco Lighting

Founded in 1991 by its president, Steve Cohen, Elco Lighting develops and markets lighting products for commercial and residential applications. Created on the philosophy that high-quality commercial and residential lighting should be sold at a fair market price, Elco Lighting has designed and engineered lighting for residential and commercial spaces for almost two decades.

Elco Lighting provides the broadest selection of recessed products in the industry. Their product line includes track and recessed lighting fixtures, exit and emergency lights, undercabinet lighting, wall packs, step lights and more. Their products are designed to be reliable, functional, practical, efficient, user friendly to the installer and end-user, moderately priced and safe. Elco Lighting appreciates feedback from electrical wholesalers, contractors, engineers and architects as this advice contributes to design innovations that bring ever more elegant, useful products into the market.

Elco Lighting presents the best quality lighting fixtures from its headquarters in Vernon, California. Elco Lighting is a company confident in providing the answer to all your lighting needs. They prioritize your satisfaction with their products and providing quality service for their customers is a main focus and importance.

See below for a highlight of their most popular styles.

EP002 2 ft Track

Track lighting has become an instant style upgrade to any home or commercial space. Because of this, Elco Lighting has put a lot of thought and care into the manufacture of the track lighting line. Elco Lighting is proud to present a variety of high-tech affordable track systems. They boast of improved and creative new lines of track and track fixtures that will be an attractive addition to any commercial or residential application.

ET593 Track Head

Elco Lighting’s new led track fixtures come in a variety of exciting, contemporary designs. With a lamp expectancy of well over 30,000 hours, they require little or no maintenance, which means time and money saved. All of Elco’s LED fixtures use the latest in cutting-edge LED technology. This represents a substantial increase in efficiency when compared to halogen lights – up to 80% more energy-efficient.

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