Introducing: Flos

Since its founding in 1962, Flos Lighting has reigned in the title of Italian design. Its contemporary and modern design has time and time again helped Flos retain its identity as a true “Italian Design Factory”. The first lamps produced by Flos, which are now Italian design classics, are also some of the most well-known fixtures in industrial design today. These lamps—Arco, Relemme, Toio, and Taccia—were designed and created by the Castiglioni brothers. Their origins of high quality design and production have helped shaped what is now called “Flosophy”—the philosophy of Flos Lighting.


  • Be THE solution to all lighting needs
  • Retain identity as a true “Italian Design Factory”
  • Work with the best designers
  • Invest in researching innovative materials and technology
  • Create products with iconic and symbolic appeal

Holding true to their philosophy, Flos has consistently collaborated with established designers. This has allowed Flos Lighting to be internationally known, and to hold a prestigious name in the design field. Flos Lighting’s contributions to industrial design are featured in some of the most distinguished design museums around the world. They have also won awards and historical-critical accolades for their iconic designs.

As stated earlier, Flos Lighting’s first lamps are now classics in Italian design. Take a look at these iconic pieces below.

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