Introducing: Fulham Lighting

Fulham has long been known as a global supplier of fine electronic ballasts. Through tremendous global growth, Fulham is dedicated to servicing clients new and old, near and far, to the same standards they’ve grown accustomed to.

About Fulham

Fulham’s rigorous quality control program ranks among the highest in the industry, resulting in a remarkably low product failure rate. Fulham’s product diversity and excellence is thanks in part to international staff of world-class engineers and production experts and investment and commitment to leadership in product innovation. The sales/service excellence is due to over 700 employees stationed around the globe in facilities in North America, Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Fluorescent Systems

Fluorescent light accounts for a great deal of industrial, commercial, municipal and residential lighting. More sophisticated than incandescence, fluorescent light comes not from electrically “cooking” a filament inside the bulb, but from gases excited to brilliance by electricity flowing between two electrodes. A major benefit is that it doesn’t generate as much ambient heat as incandescence, burns up less electricity per unit of light and costs much less. With over 800 fluorescent lighting system models available, Fulham is an industry leader in this efficient and reliable technology.

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Fulham was the first company to develop a single ballast that operates several lamps. This innovative way of thinking has since become the industry standard for ballast design. The WorkHorse product line is comprised of 10 ballasts that operate 132 lamps in 860 combinations. When contractors carry WorkHorse ballasts with them, they know they can handle almost any situation they might encounter, without ever leaving the job site.

Fulham Vision & Misson

At Fulham, they envision a world in which people can choose from a wide range of ever-evolving lighting products and technologies that enable them to intelligently control and enhance their “quality of light”, while also offering greater energy-efficiency and sustainable use of our precious energy resources.

Fulham’s mission is to design and manufacture innovative, intelligent lighting components to enable providers of energy-efficient lighting solutions to be successful and grow into the ever-evolving world of lighting needs. Fulham’s revered product quality, cost-competitiveness and world-class customer responsiveness make us the preferred, trusted partner to clients worldwide, who develop, distribute, or install sustainable general, or specialty, lighting systems.

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