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Introducing: Hinkley Lighting

Introducing: Hinkley Lighting

Hinkley Lighting, Inc. was started in 1922 as a small outdoor lantern company. For four generations, the company has carried on its legacy of family leadership—building a global brand focusing on style, quality, value, and the importance of family.

Hinkley’s motto, “Life Aglow”, emphasizes that home is more than just a physical place, but also an emotional space designed by those who reside there. To stay committed to this ideology, Hinkley finds importance in focusing on:

  • Green technology – Hinkley recently upgraded their LED to cutting-edge high lumen output integrated solutions with hundreds of energy-efficient styles to choose from. High energy saving standards and a variety of eco-smart applications are also used in design to make an earth-friendly work environment.
  • Bringing together lighting, design, and fashion – Hinkley believes that the merge of lighting, furniture, art and accessories creates a beautiful environment that defines a personal style.
  • Caring for clients – Hinkley’s Customer Care team is always ready to answer questions online or over the phone.
  • Family – Hinkley believes in family—supporting, caring, and having respect for others. The global company proudly supports breast cancer initiatives, and makes it a priority to help make the world a better place by actively supporting a variety of other organizations.

Hinkley Lighting, Inc. branches into three brands. All of which, encompass Hinkley’s “relentless pursuit of innovative design and technology to create modern lighting that illuminates what you treasure most”, as stated by Rick Wiedemer, Hinkley Lighting, Inc. CEO.

  • Hinkley Lighting – Classic, timeless collections featuring a variety of designs ranging from traditional to contemporary for both interior and outdoor lighting needs
  • Fredrick Ramond – Chic, fashionable lighting with a focus on exciting designs, modern elegance and lavish detail; Hinkley’s Luxury Line
  • Hinkley Landscape Lighting – LED landscape options that combine sophistication and durability; complementing Hinkey’s outdoor lanterns to help create a cohesive exterior style statement

Take home a piece of Hinkley lighting. View our selections here.

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