Introducing: Juno Conix II LED Trac Lighting

Sleek and timeless, with a classical and sculpted aesthetic—the Conix II LED Trac Lighting by Juno brings forth five new fixtures that provide optimal energy efficiency, contemporary appeal, and flexibility.

T261LG2, T262L (Dimmable, Non-Dimmable), T263LG2, T265LG2, T267L

Energy Star Certified & DLC Listed

These fixtures deliver 1,000 to 4,3000+ lumens, utilize 19 to 64 watts, respectively, come in four different color temperatures (2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K), and come in white, black and silver finishes. Fixtures also have the option of being dimmable and offer different lighting distributions—uniform spot, narrow-flood, and flood.

To further emphasize the Conix II energy efficiency, the fixture yields a rated service life of 50,000 hours. Based on a 12-hour operation per day for 7-days a week, that’s approximately 11 years of maintenance free operation. According to Juno Lighting, model T262L can deliver up to 1,457 lumens while consuming less than one-third the energy of its halogen equivalents—proving the Conix II is a “Green Machine”, as proclaimed by its manufacture.

To further classify the fixture as a “Green Machine”, take a look at all the environmental benefits from operating the Conix II LED Trac Light—

  • The cool operating LEDs project virtually no heat in their beam distribution, this reduces HVAC costs, saving you (the user) in operating expenses!
  • Because these are LED fixtures, there are no special procedures required for disposal; toxins, such as mercury and lead, are not present, and therefore, not a hazard to the environment.
  • There are no UV emissions that can damage fade-sensitive materials, keeping items true to color.

The Conix II LED Trac Light is great for:

  • Highlighting merchandize and/or architectural detail
  • Adding an elegant, contemporary style to the space
  • Spaces with unique details and/or ceiling

The Conix II is also extremely ideal for commercial spaces, such as retail, exhibitions or galleries, supermarkets and grocery stores.


Grocery Store / Supermarket

Lobby / Reception Area

Exhibition / Gallery