Introducing: LEUCOS – “Another Light”

Italian brand, LEUCOS, was founded in 1962. Since its establishment, the company has rebranded itself, combining tradition and new innovation.  Through the artistic combination of old world glass techniques and modern engineering, LEUCOS celebrates tradition, innovation, and design. These three aspects are further characterized by their vision: 1) Idea, 2) Studio, and 3) Modo. These three visions are symbolized in their logo through the three horizontal lines represented in the “E” of LEUCOS.

IDEA – Timeless, Pure Design

Designs that reflect the traditional roots of LEUCOS Murano glass designs. The aesthetics reinterprets old classics into new timeless classics, defining the LEUCOS brand of contemporary design paired with 1960s Venetian roots.


STUDIO – Everyday Living

Lights that go beyond the traditional glass aesthetic of LEUCOS, the Studio products are made from a wide range of materials. Made for everyday living, lighting designs that fall into this category are also architectural in style.


MODO – 16th Century Inspired

MODO products are distinct custom lights that reflect the stunning art of glass manipulation from the 16th century. These fixtures capture the classic Murano glass creativity, bringing light to old approaches of design, and innovation.


The LEUCOS tagline, “Another Light”, reinforces their newly rebranded message of renewal and viewing through a different perspective. Although the company is deeply rooted in tradition, they are also focused on evolving into something different and thinking “outside-the-box”.

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