Introducing: Litecontrol

For more than 75 years, Litecontrol has been the commercial lighting professional’s leading partner in design. From its early innovations in wall/slot lighting, to today’s advanced LED fixtures, Litecontrol remains committed to delivering the widest palette of tools and comprehensive services to maximize the power of lighting design and to minimize electric lighting’s environmental impact.

About Litecontrol

Litecontrol is a company with a mission to delight its customers by designing and producing quality innovative lighting fixtures and lighting services. They share a company-supported commitment to do all that is required to meet and exceed their customers’ needs. They value a positive environment that promotes creative solutions to architectural interior lighting challenges.

Litecontrol has always operated with a high regard for their customers, employees and the world around them. It’s part of their DNA – a natural by-product of the company’s engineering heritage and the rural locations of their factories. You could say that a great deal of “energy” has gone into ensuring that Litecontrol products are the most efficient they can be. They integrate this philosophy into everything they do; from their manufacturing processes to their packaging to the way they design their products. The fact is Litecontrol was a green company long before there was a green movement.

Litecontrol Values

Litecontrol commits to sustaining a leadership position through continuous improvement and evaluation of their goals and practices. They pledge to will protect their environment, support their community and be considerate of their neighbors.

– Maintain and protect their integrity. Do the right thing and tell the truth- Have passion for lighting and architecture
– Keep promises
– Be fair and value their partners in the industry
– Respect individuals
– Think and act like responsible owners
– Practice continuous improvement in all they do
– Use resources wisely to protect the environment
– Maintain and grow their business success

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