Introducing: Smart Track by Jesco Lighting

In retail and merchandising, proper lighting to highlight feature items is pertinent to sales. It is often a nuisance when display shelves need adjustment and electrical wiring gets tangled from movement. The Smart Track by Jesco Lighting helps ease the transformation of displays with simple snap and slide power feeds. The snap and slide feature allows for easy adjustment post-installation of the track, optimal for shelf adjustment at any time. The Smart Track is also low profile and easily hidden when mounted on the wall surface or inside a routed channel next to the adjustable shelving.

The Smart Track is compatible with the DL-FLEX Series (LED Flexible Linear), DL-FLEX HD (High Density LED Strip), S601 Series (LED Slim Stix), and S650 Series (LED Shelf Light). The track is available in 4’, 5’ and 8’ lengths, and can also be cut to necessary length. It can also be easily mounted with supplied double-sided adhesive or mounting clips.


  • Store fixture shelving & cashwrap highlighting featured items
  • Product displays in showrooms, retail stores, and office workstations
  • Museums, galleries, and antique stores
  • Bar shelves, wine and liquor displays in restaurants and bars
  • Under counter tops for dramatic effect
  • Bookcases, china and glassware cabinets, and trophy cases
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