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Introducing: The Cylinder Series by Nora Lighting

Introducing: The Cylinder Series by Nora Lighting

The Cylinder series, by Nora Lighting, are LED lamps with clean trim lines that add a contemporary touch   to any design space. Fixtures from the Cylinder series are available in three models and four mounting options.


  • High Performance LED
  • Standard LED
  • Medium Based Incandescent / LED

High Performance LED uses CREE technology emitting 850-4000 lumens and color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 4000K. Dimming is optional on this model and allows users to dim from 2700K to 1800K.

The Standard LED and medium based incandescent / LED produces 650-1000 lumens with color temperatures from 2700K to 4000K.

Mounting Options:

  • Surface
  • Pendant Stem
  • Cable
  • Wall

Surface mount, cable and stem mount, all provide good general lighting and can also be used as a design element in a space. They can also be used for task lighting over a focal point in a given space. Wall mounted fixtures can be installed both indoors and outdoors to accent architectural designs.

Shop Nora Lighting Cylinder Series today!


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