Introducing: VIBIA “Light is Creation”

Based in Barcelona, a city filled with design culture, VIBIA is surrounded by a cluster of knowledge—allowing a collection of top-notch designers to design, create, and innovate. The company’s motto—“Light is Creation”—encompasses their core value of creativity and innovation. VIBIA aims to inspire the creative abilities of individuals through their unique range of lighting. By studying and understanding how people live in their spaces, the international company is able to provide the right aesthetics, which are often surprising and unexpected proposals, to help evoke desired feelings to their users.

VIBIA Core Values

Creativity            VIBIA’s goal is to constantly stimulate creativity in consumers and professionals throughout the world by creating a new experience and allowing the growth of endless artistic possibilities.

Collaboration    The highly-cultured company offers a wide range of resources opening collaboration between architects, interior designers, lighting designer and lighting distributors. By opening channels of collective work, inspiration for new innovative solutions and creativity is enabled.

Innovation          The company has developed an organizational model that guarantees maximum quality and a high level of service without sacrificing ongoing product development. This model—technology plays a subtle role: it is invisible and emotive; it purely assists in the creative and collaborative process—making the unthinkable attainable.

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These collections allow consumers and professionals to create a play on shadows through customizable configurations of lighting—encouraging artistic expression.




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