Introducing: Vita

Affordable Danish Design in flat boxes. Vita makes affordable Scandinavian lighting design packed in flat boxes.

LBC Lighting is pleased to introduce VITA, an international European lighting company dedicated to designing the most affordable quality lamps. Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2008 Vita has been introducing their fabulous creations ever since.

Vita makes affordable lighting of Danish Design packaged in flat boxes. VITA’s aim is to provide the most value for your money by making thoroughly designed, quality lamps from A-grade materials, delivered in beautiful flat packages to optimize logistics and provide highest possible turnover per square meter. Vita uses efficient flat packaging, re-cycled materials and re-purposing of by-products.

However, do not assume that they have sacrificed their design in fact, the quality of their products are first and foremost. Vita’s products are intricately designed with the clever use of unique materials. Vita products are distinctive and they make a statement. The designs are contemporary and modern transforming your space with their stark beauty.

See below for a highlight of their most popular styles.


EOS Pendant

Vita makes use of re-purposed materials such as the goose feathers used for the ever popular EOS feather lamps. Interestingly all feathers used are a by-product of the food industry. Goose feathers that would otherwise be burned are instead sanitized and re-purposed thus diminishing the environmental impact. None of the goose feathers are derived from live or mistreated geese. Vita is required by law, and all major retailers around the world, to document the origin and proper handling of all geese and feathers.

The Eos pendant comes in several sizes and can brighten up any space.


SILVIA Mini Pendant

Vita introduced the Silvia lamp at the 2010 Frankfurt Lighting Fair and the pendant has been a best seller ever since. The Silvia pendant comes in a regular and mini size making it possible for creative cluster applications. An environmentally friendly pendant perfect for any space such as above your dining room table providing a great conversation piece.


CONIA Pendant

The Conia pendant makes for a great entry way piece. It is available in several sizes and in a black and gold version. Distinctive with similarities of a pine cone. It’s a nice companion to the Silvia family with soft ambient light.

For more information on Vita’s products take a look at their Youtube, Facebook, Pintrest & Instagram page.

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