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Introduction to Title 24

Introduction to Title 24

What is Title 24?

Title 24 is a building energy code standard statewide throughout California for both commercial and residential buildings.  If you currently reside in California and are unaware of the regulation, you may be wondering what the purpose of the standard is and how it affects your home, your work, or the environment as a whole.


In 1978, the California Building Standards Commission created Title 24 in efforts to ensure:

  • Higher energy efficiency of building construction and system design and installation
  • Preservation of environmental quality
  • Establishment of minimum energy-efficiency levels for new residential and commercial buildings—the higher the efficiency levels in a building’s design, the greater the energy savings

These requirements are updated by the California Energy Commission (CEC) to include new energy-efficiency methods. The most current standards was revised in 2013 and made effective July 2014. The next set of changes is scheduled to be released in 2017.


Title 24 is designed to reduce the use of energy and to benefit everyone by:

  • Lowering energy costs for homes and business owners
  • Ensuring a more reliable delivery of electrical services
  • Improving occupant comfort within homes and buildings
  • Reducing negative environmental impact

Why is Title 24 important?

In 1979, the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) started tracking the energy consumption of the residential and commercial sector. Since then, the amount of energy consumed has doubled in the commercial sector, in which electricity accounts for approximately 61% of the total consumption. Due to society’s reliance on electricity, it is our social responsibility to reduce the impact we have on the environment. It is also a plus for us in terms of saving costs.

The strict requirements implemented in California, such as Title 24, have ensured that the state uses less electricity and energy. According to the EIA, in 2009 California households used 31% less energy than the average U.S. household. And due to the states mild climate, residences are less reliant on electricity for air conditioning and heating. However, it should be noted, that since standard of living is higher in California, spending on electricity is closer to the national average.

Although California is already making its effort towards a greener environment through energy codes such as Title 24, every individual should also be aware of the impact we have and learn steps to take to preserve our homes, our businesses, and our environment.

Learn more specifics on Title 24 requirements by calling LBC Lighting at 626.279.2658 or look out for our next Title 24 articles.


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