Juno Multi-Head LED Luminaires

The Indy Architectural Multi-Head LED Luminaires by Juno Lighting Group are high performing LED accent lights that are perfect for retail applications. These fixtures are attractive, versatile, extremely energy efficient, and fit seamlessly into any aesthetic. With a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, the luminaires reduce operating costs by providing users with 10+ years of maintenance free operation. Compared to an equivalent halogen, these high performance LEDs consume 80% less energy. The infrared-free LED light beams also eliminate any projected heat, helping to reduce costs in air conditioning as well.

The Multi-Head LED Luminaires are also eco-friendly and can make a meaningful contribution in the preservation of our environment. Because the fixtures are LED, there are no UV or IR emissions. The luminaires also do not carry any toxins, such as mercury, lead or PCDs.

Fixtures come in two different designs—Multi-Spot and Designer Cove. Both designs feature one, two or three LED luminaire heads. They are fully adjustable, making them ideal for accent or ambient lighting. Depending on the color temperature specified, fixture outputs can be as much as 6,000 lumens.

Designer Cove LED

  • Open housing design
  • Fully adjustable yoke assembly
  • Each luminaire can be rotated 360°, tilted 75° and locked into place
  • Extendable yoke allows luminaires to be lowered 2”
  • Housing can be trimless or flanged


Multi-Spot LED

  • Closed-pan trim with optional snoots for improved shielding
  • Capable of 360° rotation and up to 40° tilt
  • All housing includes white flanged trim



Another great option for retail application is the Aculux 2” LED Recessed Multiple Lamp Luminaire by Juno Lighting Group. The fixture has a 1-1/4” lensed pinhole square aperture with an output of 731 lumens per head. Luminaire is available in one, two or three heads and is compatible with Aculux 2-inch LED square adjustable housings. The low profile housing is available in IC or non-IC rated configurations.

2” LED Recessed Multi-Lamp

  • 365° rotation with 40° tilt for any ceiling with thickness from ½” to 1”
  • Die cast trim in white or black with black shield that eliminates visibility into housing
  • Flanged or flush styles available




Coming soon to LBC Lighting!


Coming soon to LBC Lighting!


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