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Kids Room Lighting

Kids Room Lighting

For a child moving from mom and dad’s room to their very own is a big moment, but to keep the transition smooth here are a few tips.

Lighting Your Kid’s Room

For many kids, nothing is quite as scary as a strange new room covered in darkness. Fortunately, some well-placed dimmable lighting fixtures can put little ones’ minds at ease and let you get the full night’s sleep you’ve been craving.

If a standard night light isn’t cutting it, you might want to consider how options like ceiling fan lights or LED lamps can be used to keep your kids from making a run right back to your bed. Install a dimmer to create just enough illumination to be comforting without keeping your child awake. With a dimmer, even an overhead fixture can be left on during the night. Younger children respond better to gentle light and their sleeping pattern can be disrupted by harsh lighting.

Light switches should be within easy reach of your children’s bed, so they can use the bedroom lights in the middle of the night when they need to use the bathroom. Always choose child-safe materials that include non-toxic paints and non-removable parts.

The trick is giving children enough light to feel comfortable without illuminating the room too much.

Additional Options

One option is installing recessed or close to ceiling lighting fixtures in the room’s closet. These will provide good general lighting in the space, and by leaving the closet door open, you can have enough lighting without making the room too bright. A lit-up closet means one less place for monsters to hide and will provide your child with a good nights rest.

View our selection of fun playful lighting options for your child’s room by clicking HERE.

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