Kuzco Lighting at LBC Lighting

Within the past decade, Kuzco Lighting has become known for their innovative approach to lighting. As a Canadian brand, they’ve only recently appeared in the US market through their state-of-the-art LED products. Their merging of cutting-edge LED technology and contemporary-styled fixtures results in a variety of lighting options suited for many environments. While their fixtures range from the wholly understated towards more decorative options, they are characterized by sleek and sometimes stark lines, with a recurring use of glass as an eye-catching detail. Kuzco Lighting’s skilled craftsmanship, as shown by their defect rate of less than 1%, and creativity makes them a company to watch.

Wall Lighting

Many wall lighting fixtures from Kuzco Lighting reflect the simplicity central to their style. Skillful combinations of different elements emphasize the clear-cut lines of the options below. Stone and metal come together in the Caspian LED Outdoor wall light on the far left, resulting in an austere, yet elegant fixture that draws the eye. Color achieves a similar effect, as the 601471 LED wall sconce on the far right shows. Its sleek lines are emphasized through the color contrast, which adds a small punch of color. The understated visual appeal of the options below would effectively enhance the style of any space.

Pendant Lighting

The pendant lighting options from Kuzco Lighting showcase their skillful use of sleek lines to create remarkable fixtures. Muted color matched with minimal design produce timeless fixtures that modernize the style of a space. The options on the left, as larger fixtures, can serve as central style pieces in an environment. Clean lines and minimalist design come together in the PD12722 LED Pendant and Halo LED Circular Pendant, resulting in fixtures with understated sophistication.

Chandelier Lighting

Recalling the traditional glamour of chandeliers, the options from Kuzco Lighting are inventive modernizations of the form. Kuzco Lighting’s skillful craftsmanship shines in their variety of stylishly minimalist chandeliers. The CH78259 LED Chandelier on the lower right is one notable example. Pairing classic luster with LED technology, this fixture is an update of traditional elegance, resulting in a captivating design. With its pairing of materials and stark lines, the Turin 41” LED Chandelier on the right characterizes the balance Kuzco Lighting strikes between pared-down lines and impressive design.

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