Office Design Upgrades

If you feel like your office space needs an update but don’t know how to begin, starting with lighting can set you on the right path. Evaluating your lighting is not only necessary when thinking about design, but about productivity. Using bright white lighting in workspaces promotes productivity and positively influences mood and emotions. And, when considering that most people spend 1/3 of their day in the workplace, these advantages become especially important.

LED technology can make these benefits a reality, as it excels at providing crisp, bright lighting. Along with  these benefits, LED technology is cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly, making it a great choice for office settings. Updating your office design using any of the options that follow can pave the way for interesting, modern design. All of them feature LED technology, and their modern, minimalist design can fit well in any office space.

Larger Options

For larger areas requiring a broader wash or light, or spaces with high ceilings, choosing larger fixtures can guarantee optimal lighting. The choices below balance function and sleek, minimal design to bring an office space into modern times. Some options, such as the Utopia CUBE2 and Gatica Linear Suspension on the left, recall the simplicity of traditional fluorescent lighting with increased visual appeal. For more dynamic, yet minimalist lighting, the Oracle Lunar Luminaire and Deco Cube on the right are promising options. As fixtures that cover a broader area of light, these fixtures are perfect for shared worktables in an office space or similar areas.

Smaller Options

In small office spaces, the choices below make the most of limited space. The Oracle OPR Led Pendant on the left offers an alternative to the larger linear suspension options, as it provides effective ambient illumination in a comparably smaller package. Its sleek, classic look modernizes the style of any workplace it is added to. Similarly, the options on the right add necessary illumination and modern style to office spaces. As smaller linear suspension options, they can perfectly suit shared worktables or workspaces.

oracle-pendant gatica-4-ft oracle-linear-small-1
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