LED Linear Suspension Lighting

Linear suspension lighting is generally rectangular—complementing the architecture of a space, while also elongating and adding simplistic elegance. Classic and practical, linear LED lighting ties together design balance and energy savings.

Linear suspensions make for good general lighting. Because these fixtures are typically sleek and clean, they do not over saturate and add clutter to the space, creating visual balance.

Linear lighting is great in work spaces, conference rooms, dining rooms and over kitchen islands.

Take a look at some linear suspensions applications below. 

Tech Lighting | Knox – LED

This LED linear suspension is simple, yet strong; holding an industrial feel, while adding a modern touch to the handsomely designed kitchen. Suspended over the kitchen island counter top, Knox is a great task light for cooking on the stove below.

Tech Lighting | Dobson – LED

The Dobson linear suspension has an angular, metal shade with a textured coating to replicate real woods—oak, ash and chestnut. The texture of the fixture adds warmth to the industrial styled light. Placed in an industrial office setting, as shown in the image, Dobson livens up the brick walled room.

Tech Lighting | Zhane – LED

Smooth lines. Soft edges. Zhane linear suspension brings sophistication to residential spaces. Hung over a kitchen island, the fixture is a simple, yet elegant, statement piece that helps widen and elongate the space.

Tech Lighting | Revel – LED

Revel linear suspension is sleek and bold. Carrying depth through the horizontal slots laser-cut across the fixture, the light adds a modern aesthetic to any space. Revel also comes with optional wood end caps, adding an unexpected contrast of warmth.

Tech Lighting | Parallax – LED

This minimalist and ultra-thin fixture was inspired by circuit boards that allow for the possibility of linear LED applications. The futuristic-styled Parallax LED suspension adds an artistic touch to all spaces. Beautiful and functional, Parallax is perfect for both residential and commercial spaces. 

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