Lighting Control Design & Application Guide

Implementing a lighting control system in buildings can potentially save up to 60% on energy. But did you know that using appropriate lighting control strategies can do more than just reduce energy? When the right lighting design strategies are applied, substantial amounts are saved on operating costs and productivity is improved. Learn what steps you can take to start applying a lighting control system in your space.

Designing a Lighting Control System

Before choosing products for your lighting system, take into consideration the lighting needs for the space. Once this has been determined, the ideal lighting control solutions can be created. Use the following steps to help create the ideal lighting system for your space.

Step 1 //

Lighting Fixtures and Dimming Systems

  • Determine the number of fixtures that will be connected to the system
  • Determine the types of dimming systems of fixtures
    • Triac
    • ELV
    • MLV
    • 0-10V
    • Mark X
    • Hi-Lume
    • Eco-10
    • DMX
Step 2 //

Control Systems

  • Select the main control systems
    • Digital or Mechanical
    • Wireless or Wired, or a combination of both
  • Determine if the system will be networked throughout the building or be stand alone (individual room control)
  • Determine Control Zones
  • Determine if fixtures will be switched or dimmed


  • Determine type of space, offices, open offices, hallways, storage rooms, aisles, etc.
Step 3 //


  • Select sensors required for each zone
    • Occupancy/Vacancy motion sensors
      • Wall or Ceiling Mounted
    • Daylight Harvesting Sensors
Step 4 //

Wall Controls

  • Determine the type of wall control required in each zone
    • Switching, Dimming, or Scene functions
Step 5 //


  • Determine if there are additional controls required to meet the control requirements
    • Controlled receptacles, Emergency Lighting control units, etc.
  • Determine time clock requirements

Step 6 //

Programming Device and Commissioning

  • Determine if there are user-friendly programming devices available
  • Determine if the control system requires special programming
  • Determine if commissioning is required to meet Lighting Control requirements


Lighting Control System Application

Planning out a lighting system may be difficult. Our team of lighting control consultants can assist in product selection, design and layout for your space.  Contact us to start designing a lighting control system.

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Concept Designs

Wireless Option – An open and private office lighting control concept design utilizing fluorescent lights, and wireless controls. Occupants can adjust individual fixtures and sensors throughout the space with a handheld controller. Portable controllers can also be wall mounted.

Wired Option – An open and private office lighting control concept design utilizing fluorescent lights. Wall mounted wired controls are used to adjust individual fixtures and sensors throughout the space.

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