Lighting controls for commercial spaces (single room application)

Installing single room lighting controls in any commercial space will help improve productivity and save energy. Lutron commercial lighting solutions offers different products that can help you achieve maximum potential of the space.

Lutron offers a variety of manual controls that allow room occupants to control their light—playing toward personal preference while also saving energy and money! Studies have shown that employees often prefer to have lights dimmed when given the opportunity to control lighting in their workspace. This is not only energy efficient and money saving for employers, but it also enhances employee productivity—another great plus for business owners!

Automated controls are also especially important in conserving electricity, as well as complying with Title 24 energy codes for commercial spaces. Occupancy sensors and daylight sensors will automatically adjust lighting to the appropriate setting, helping to conserve energy. When a space is vacant, occupancy sensors can dim or turn off lights, and automatically turn on when a guest enters the room. Daylight sensors will automatically adjust lighting based on the amount of daylight in a space. Daylight sensors not only help save energy, but will also improve the aesthetics of the room!

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