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Lighting for Retail Spaces

Lighting for Retail Spaces

There are many different factors to consider when choosing lighting for retail spaces. Take a look at some tips and ideas below.

  1. Decorative lighting should complement and reflect brand image and décor.


This bridal store features a unique bendable track system by Juno Lighting. The fixture is a stand out piece that blends seamlessly into the surrounding environment—a great simple, yet elegant, focal point of the space. The decorative piece is not too overbearing, and serves to be a complementary piece to the table residing under it.

This particular Pandora jewelry store features two Zeppelin Pendants designed by European designer, Marcel Wanders, distributed by Flos Lighting. As the world’s third-largest jewelry company in terms of sale, featuring world renowned designer pendants is reflective of their brand image of luxury and design. Displaying these pendants also help characterize the company’s European origin.

  1. The appropriate lighting fixture and color temperature should be chosen depending on type of retail store (clothes store, jewelry store, grocery store, etc.)

The atmosphere created by lighting should be dependent on the environment and type of retail store. Grocery stores or markets should generally use natural light to show the truest color of fruits, vegetables and other perishables. The color temperature between 4000K and 4500K should be used to achieve this. The supermarket to the left is an example of this type of lighting. The image to the right depicts a car showroom with a warmer tone. Color temperatures in the warmer range, 2700K to 3200K generate a more comforting, soothing and friendly atmosphere.

  1. Different areas of the store that need to be highlighted and types of fixtures that can be used to accomplish accent lighting.

Take a look at the Toronto Maple Leafs retail store depicted on the left. Different types of lighting are used to create the highlight different parts of the store. The Juno Trac-Master Conix LED fixture is used to highlight and draw attention to the mannequins, and “Real Sports Apparel” logo on the side of the wooden panel wall. Inside the store, it can be seen that another light is used to highlight the display case at the right featuring different hockey helmets and jerseys.

Notice the blue accent lighting that highlights the cashier and checkout area of the store. It also plays as a create highlight to the wooden paneled ceiling specific to that area of the store. Individual fixtures, different from the general recessed lighting in the store generates extra attention that can be draw to that area as well.

All brands/logos/retail establishments mentioned in this blog belong to their rightful owners. This blog’s purpose is to show how lighting can enhance any retail, commercial, hospitality and residential environment.

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