Littman Brands at LBC Lighting

 As the impressive stable of companies acquired shows, Littman Brands has distinguished themselves and their eye for skilled craftsmanship. Beginning with Troy Lighting, Littman Brands is also composed of Corbett Lighting, Hudson Valley Lighting, Creative Systems Lighting and most recently, Mitzi (housed under Hudson Valley Lighting). But it is not only their gradual expanding of their umbrella of companies that makes them stand out. Their recent creation of Littman Brands Contract reflects their drive for innovation and providing the best products to their customers. As a one-stop shop for architects and designers, Littman Brands Contract offers the products under the Littman Brands umbrella, with different levels of customization available.

Though each of the brands has their own distinct style, all share a common thread in their dedication to craftsmanship and creativity. The notable products from each brand below showcase the eye for high quality and innovative products driving the progress of Littman Brands.

Troy Lighting

Established in 1963, Troy Lighting has effectively formed the foundation of Littman Brands. With their emphasis on hand-forged and hand-finished metals and hand-blow glass shades, Troy Lighting sets the standard for craftsmanship. Their Murphy collection exemplifies their vintage style. Combining metal-work and glass-work, the fixtures in this collection add a classic and faintly rustic touch to any space.

Corbett Lighting

Initially founded by Tom Corbett in 1965, the brand became part of the Littman Group in 2004. With a style that melds glamour with simplicity, resulting in dynamic pieces, the brand fits well within the Littman Brands umbrella. One of their notable products, the Rockstar pendants and chandeliers, showcase their unique design choices. The combination of natural Brazilian agate slices and gold leaf metal results in a stunning contemporary piece.


Hudson Valley Lighting

Established in 1985 by David Littman, Hudson Valley Lighting has gained a name for themselves through their skilled restoration styled fixtures. Though focused on reproducing classic fixtures from the late 1800s and early 1900s, their fixtures remain timeless in their style. Their Wadsworth collection illustrates this melding of vintage and contemporary. The use of clean, simple lines, contrasting textures and colors results in subtly sophisticated fixtures enhancing the style of any space.



Created under the Hudson Valley brand, Mitzi builds from the vintage focus of Hudson Valley to create fully contemporary pieces. As a newer brand founded just this year by Hudson Valley’s CEO, David Littman, it will be exciting seeing the transformations of the classic style established by their parent company. An eye-catching pairing of contemporary and vintage comes through their Katie collection. Maintaining classic simplicity in the use of materials, the fixtures remain playful and modern in their use of lines. By combining simplicity with a more modern style, the fixtures add a subtle contemporary touch to any space.


Creative Systems Lighting

Creative Systems Lighting, or CSL, is unique within the Littman Brands umbrella in its driving focus. Focusing on utility versus style, CSL has been dedicated to creating energy efficient fixtures. Since 1990, CSL has become known for their high-performance, low-maintenance products, with an emphasis on LED lighting. Their collection of LED step lights reflects their focus on clean-cut simplicity in style, with performance as the emphasis. Featuring sleek lines and adaptability for various locations, these fixtures are made to suit the needs of unique spaces.

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